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The Pitch.

Player Player is a video games podcast designed to showcase all of the reasons why hundreds of millions of people around the world love video games. Each episode is a candid conversation about games and the industry they reside in, designed to entertain not only video game enthusiasts, but listeners of all types.

Disclaimer: This is not a podcast that will (and does not pretend to) showcase any journalistic integrity. We’re just two guys that give our opinion on games and the ever changing landscape of the video game industry. Sometimes we’ll spend a few minutes publicly calling out Travis Scott. Sometimes we’ll recount the time we our friends discovered we had 1000+ hours in Sonic Riders. That’s not to say that our opinions are a complete joke. We plan to educate, speculate, and breakdown video games, but at the end of the day we’re just trying to have fun and bring people together through gaming.

The Content.

First Hand Impressions

To put it plain and simple we're just guys that like to play video games. We'll talk about our experiences with whatever game (new and old) we're playing at the time.

Gaming Culture and News

We don't just love video games. We love the entire culture surrounding them. We'll give our takes on common topics surrounding gaming culture and provide reactions to interesting industry news.

G.O.A.T.s of Gaming

Every now and again we'll dedicate an episode to breaking down and reminiscing about one of our favorite games before inducting the title in the Player Player Gaming Hall of Fame.

Monthly Cooldown

At the end of the month we ditch the script to talk about pretty much anything we want. (Ex. Publicly calling out Travis Scott and getting accosted for old backpack cheese.


The Hosts.

Joseph Hooper

I'm a full time Software Developer in Seattle and a life long gamer. While I have lingering fond memories of my gaming childhood like my time with Golden Sun and Power Stone, your boy is all about the next generation hype. I keep my finger on the pulse of industry news, always excited to see what the next innovation in gaming is going to be. When a controller's not in my hands, I like to spend my time indulging in sneaker shopping, anime watching, and hanging out with my best buds.


Arsene Lakpa

I’m a Software Engineer in Atlanta, GA and I’ve been gaming since I came out of the womb. I’m a huge fan of indie games and I actively seek out games that might slip under most people’s radars. After a long day of gaming you can catch me watching anime, browsing Twitter, or loving my girlfriend (sorry ladies, I’m taken). I also enjoy short walks on the beach.